Chloe Madeline
Vital Statistics
Name Chloe
Gender Female
First Episode Appearance Madeline
Voice Actress  Tara Strong (1989)

Anik Matern (1990-1991)

Vanessa King (1993-1995)

Veronika Sztopa (1999-2002)

Shannon Chan-Kent (2002-2007)

Chloe is one of the twelve little girls. She is close to Madeline and is considered second-in-command of the group, replacing Madeline if she isn't around.



Chloe is a French girl with long, carrot-orange (later on appearing dull orange-brown) hair. On one of her dolls, her hair is a dark auburn.


Chloe takes on the role of a big sister, and cares deeply for Madeline. She is thoughtful towards her needs and often worries over her. Like Madeline, she also possesses good detective skills and can be a leader in times of need.

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