Doctor Cohn
Doctor Cohn
Doctor Cohn.
Gender Male
Status Alive
First appearance Madeline (1939)
Last appearance Madeline: Lost in Paris (1999)
Portrayed by Garry Chalk (Animated Series)
"Nurse, it's an appendix!"
―Doctor Cohn

Doctor Cohn is a character in the Madeline series, appearing as a minor yet key character in the 1939 book and in subsequent books and adaptations.


Dr. Cohn played a minor yet key role throughout the series, presumably serving as an on-call doctor for the Twelve little girls and the other residents. He is an older gentleman who wears a suit and a pince-nez, and is very kind.


In the first book, Dr. Cohn took Madeline Fogg to the hospital after diagnosing the girl's condition which turned out to be a case of appendicitis.

Doctor Cohn makes his series debut in Madeline and the Bad Hat, taking care of Pepito after the latter is injured by dogs for one of his naughty pranks bringing them a cat to chase and tells his parents that he'll be alright.

Doctor Cohn makes his chronological debut in Madeline's Rescue. After she is saved from falling in the river Seine, Dr. Cohn tells Madeline to go home and rest.

In Madeline's Christmas, when Miss Clavel and all the girls except Madeline are sick in bed on the day before Christmas, Miss Clavel tries to call Doctor Cohn, but the attempt backfires because Cohn himself is suffering from a bad cold too and can only sneeze on the phone.

In Madeline: Lost in Paris, Doctor Cohn takes care of Miss Clavel when she catches a cold, telling the girls to take care of her and that she'll feel better soon. At the end of the movie, he takes care of Fifi after she is saved from Madame LaCroque's clutches.

Doctor Cohn doesn't appear in the film, with two ambulance orderlies taking his place during the first act.


  • As with Madeline Fogg and a few other characters, Doctor Cohn was so named for the sake of the rhyme.
  • In the animated series, he resembles his English voice actor, Garry Chalk, who also voiced Optimus Prime in Transformers: Beast Wars.