TNAM Ellie
Vital Statistics
Name Ellie
Gender Female
First Episode Appearance Madeline
Voice Actress

Ellie (formally known as "Simone") is one of the 12 girls.



Ellie is a girl with a very short black hair in a bob and dark nose skin (olive green short hair until season 2). She has the shortest hair and darkest skin among all the girls.


Oddly, despite being a French girl she shows no French accent at all, rather, an American accent. Her name was originally "Simone" in Madeline and the Science Project and was renamed "Ellie" in Madeline and the Dog Who Cried Wolf.

According to Madeline and the Cancan Cliques, she is Lulu's best friend. She is also known as quick-thinking as she quickly thought of a plan to delay the awarding ceremony in Madeline and the Science Project. In "Madeline and the Can Can Cliques," she is shown to be volatile as she kept switching between Danielle's and Yvette's clique. Interestingly though, she sports different hairstyles depending on the episode she's in, this can be mostly seen in later seasons.

List of Episodes in which Ellie speaks