Madeline and Fred
Madeline and Fred.
Gender Male
Friend(s) Madeline Fogg
Status Deceased
First appearance Madeline (1998)

Fred was the chicken named by Madeline in the film.


WARNING: The following information is not considered canon.

He was seen in the car when Helene and Miss Clavel were driving Madeline home from the hospital. Madeline asks Miss Clavel if it's a pet chicken, to which she reminds her of the rule forbidding pets in the house. Helene then tells Madeline that it's for eating, where she will cook him into Chicken Helene for dinner in honour of her return, much to Madeline's dismay. That night, Madeline refuses to eat the chicken causing her to turn the girls into vegetarians, all while teasing Vicki as she insists on eating him. In the ensuing mockery, Miss Clavel sends the girls to bed with no dinner as a punishment.