Genevieve profile
Genevieve in The New Adventures of Madeline
Gender Female
Relatives Madeline Fogg (owner)
Eleven puppies
Friend(s) All the girls, Pepito, Miss Clavel
Status Alive
First appearance Madeline's Rescue (1953)

Genevieve is the girls' pet dog, primarily Madeline’s. Her name was not used in Madeline And The 40 Thieves in the animated shorts, but she did appear there.

She was a stray, and is somewhat mischievous but very kind.

On her dolls, she wears a bow in her fur.


In the books and the animated series, Genevieve is depicted as a brown Afghan hound-mongrel, while in the 1998 live action film, she is a labrador/golden retriever mix with blonde coloring.


She rescued Madeline in Madeline's Rescue when she fell in the River Seine and Miss Clavel and the girls bring her home. But big trouble arrives in front of their animal-loathing Landlord Cucuface, who takes one look at poor Genevieve and has his driver take her away, causing the girls and Miss Clavel to look for Genevieve, only to be broken-hearted of not finding her. Late that night, Miss Clavel wakes up and finds Genevieve in the light of the doorway. Everyone rejoices Genevieve's return. That night, the girls fight about Genevieve again, causing Miss Clavel to take Genevieve to her own room. Even later that night, Madeline and the girls, with Miss Clavel find that Genevieve has given birth to eleven puppies, giving enough hound to go around.

Film rendition

WARNING: The following information is not considered canon.

She rescues Madeline when she falls in the Seine River and stops by her house. But, they must hide from Lord Covington who is showing the house. Miss Clavel, however; is allergic to dogs and tells the girls to keep her in the shed. On Lord Covington's way back home, he discovers the dog and turns loose Geneviève despite the pleads of the girls. They look for her the next day and go to a circus to cheer themselves up. When Madeline gets kidnapped, Miss Clavel takes Genevieve along with her in the car to find Madeline and they find her and Pepito. She is then seen at the end of the movie, walking with Miss Clavel and the girls. She never had puppies in the film.