High and Low is a song sung by Miss Clavel, all the girls except Madeline, and other minor characters in Madeline in London.


Piccadilly has run off with Madeline and Pepito, and Miss Clavel and the girls must find them "in London town".


Verse 1

Miss Clavel: We'll look high and low in London town.

There's London Bridge; not falling down.


All: Oh, dear, they've come, they're in below

In such this town, we'll look high and low.

Verse 2

Miss Clavel: Westminster Abbey we'll search and then

We'll inspect our friend, Big Ben.

Repeat Chorus

Bridge 1

Miss Clavel: The huge Hyde Park we will explore.

Then we'll peek inside a giant store.

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3

Miss Clavel: In Soho they cannot be found.

We'll use this bus to get around.

Repeat Chorus

Bridge 2

Miss Clavel: Careful, girls! Watch your feet.

Look right before you cross the street.

Repeat Chorus

Verse 4

The Queen: How nice of you to visit me.

Now won't you stay and have some tea?

Repeat Chorus (x2)