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"Look for the last time, "Idiot" is a stage name. I'm called Pierre."

The Idiots Popopov are circus clowns and the secondary antagonists of the film Madeline. They are Leopold's partners in crime who plans to kidnap Pepito for ransom money and also kidnaps Madeline (thinking she's another ransom, not knowing that she is an orphan) by tying them up in their truck. They were so named by Leopold due to their ineptitude and as such would get mad because it was their stage name. Their job was to distract Pepito's parents, so Leopold could steal him.

The next morning, Madeline and Pepito discover knives in the back of the truck and cut themselves free. They steal a motorcycle that they use in their act to escape and they and Leopold give chase and leave one of the guys behind. Miss Clavel sees them chasing them and goes after Leopold. Miss Clavel and Leopold are about to both hit Madeline and Pepito, but Pepito swerves away and Miss Clavel cuts Leopold off, making him and the idiots crash into a river. They are arrested and never seen again.


  • The Idiots are very similar to Frederich Burke from Kit Kittredge: An American Girl. Both characters are not bright.