Madeline's Rescue
Madeline's Rescue cover
Author Ludwig Bemelmans
Illustrator Ludwig Bemelmans
Publication date 1953
Published by Viking Press
ISBN 0670447161
Publication Order
Preceded by
Followed by
Madeline and the Bad Hat

Madeline's Rescue is a book by Ludwig Bemelmans, the second in the Madeline series. Released by Viking Press, it was the recipient of the Caldecott Medal for illustration in 1954.[1]


Madeline does her trick of frightening Miss Clavel and falls into the River Seine and is saved by a brown Afghan-mix dog. Miss Clavel and the girls cannot find the owner of the dog, so the girls are allowed to keep the dog. When they bring her home, they name her Genevieve. But problem starts to rise when other girls want to spend time with Genevieve. Big trouble arrives in front of their animal-loathing Landlord Cucuface, known as Lord Covington here, who takes one look at poor Genevieve and has his driver take her away, causing the girls and Miss Clavel to look for Genevieve, only to be brokenhearted of not finding her. Late that night, Miss Clavel wakes up and finds Genevieve in the light of the doorway. Everyone rejoices Genevieve's return. That night, the girls fight about Genevieve again, causing Miss Clavel to take Genevieve to her own room. Even later that night, Madeline and the girls, with Miss Clavel find that Genevieve has given birth to eleven puppies, giving enough hound to go around.

Differences between the book and the special

  • Doctor Cohn does not appear in the book, but in the special he tells Madeline to go home and rest.
  • In the book, when Miss Clavel and the girls go looking for Genevieve, the gendarme tells them that they have never seen a dog like Genevieve, but in the special, they visit the pound where Genevieve could not be found.
  • In the book, Lord Cucuface does not appear in the end, but in the end of the special, he gets mad at Miss Clavel for disobeying his direct orders, but controls his temper and shows kindness when Madeline lets him keep one of Genevieve's puppies.

Songs that appear in the special


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