1. madline is the main character in the show madeline. she has 12 sisters and lives in the hotel. she is really small and loves waering hats.

she frist appears in the movie madeline which had real people in it. then they desided to make childerns books. then they made the plush toys, after they made the show. one of the images on the right is madeline wareing her winter colthes in one of the episodes. she ulsey wares yellow hate and coat.

NAOM Madeline 1
1991-03-03 - Madeline and the Bad Hat 2-117

this is madeline. she is tuff and smart and the smallest girl in the hotel. she has an spansih female friend. madeline lives in paris.

this is one of the winter episodes in madeline. she is anrgy on this image about something.

she is an little girl that is smart and tuff. she appears in the movie madeline with real people in it. then the books. then they made the toys. then they made the show on sqrout , on this image on the right. is madeline with her winter clothes in the show. in real life she usley wares is an yellow hat and coat. madeline always leads the way.

NAOM Madeline 1
Madeline 1998 Madeline