Madeline is a 1988 Canadian-American animated television special directed by Judy Rothman, and produced Cinar (later Cookie Jar Entertainment) and DiC Entertainment (both were eventually merged with DHX Media and neither of them individually exist because of it), that aired on April 9, 1988 on HBO.

The special is largely based off the first Madeline book, and gave many other of the twelve little girls individual personalities.

The special was released onto VHS in 1990 by Hi-Tops Video, and has been released onto other VHS compilations by Golden Books Family Entertainment in during the 1990's. In recent years, it has been released onto DVD compilations, released most noticeably on "Bonjour, Madeline - The Original Specials" in 2013.

  • Differences from the Book.*


  • In later animated Madeline products, some of the other little girls were given darker skin complexions.
  • While both Cinar and DiC Entertainment produced the special, the Hi-Tops Video VHS release only credits it to DiC Entertainment, while some others only credit it to Cinar.
  • This special acts as the TV series's pilot episode.