Madeline in Cannes
Vital Statistics
Season 3
Writer(s) Shelley Zellman
Original Release September 30, 2000

Madeline in Cannes is a Season 3 episode.


During spring in Paris, Madeline falls ill with some sort of sinus issue. Doctor Cohn suggests that she go someplace warm and sunny, and the gang all head down South to the French Riviera in Cannes. After taking no notice of Miss Clavel's warning not to stay in the sun all day without sunscreen, Madeline finds herself in a spot of bother as she has received a particularly nasty case of sunburn that sidelines her to the rented house for the remainder of the trip--much to her chagrin. With some inspiration from Lord Cucuface, Madeline encourages movie stars to use their imaginations, and this gives way to the legendary Cannes Film Festival.


"We Can Make Our Own Fun"

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