Miss Clavel
Miss clavel
Miss Clara Clavel in The New Adventures of Madeline
Full name Clara Clavel
Gender Female
Relatives Hans (nephew)
Hilda (aunt)
Celine (aunt)
Friend(s) All the girls, Pepito, Genevieve, Lord Cucuface
Status Alive
First appearance The Golden Basket (1936; cameo appearance)
Madeline (1939)
Last appearance Madeline and the Old House in Paris (2013)
Portrayed by Judith Orban (original specials)
Stevie Vallance (1993-2002)
Whoopi Goldberg (2002)
Jane Mortifee (2007)
Frances McDormand (1998 film)

Clara Clavel, better known as Miss Clavel, is a supporting character of Ludwig BemelmansMadeline books and all media based off it. She is a nurse (though many people think she is a nun) and a teacher teaching in the boarding school simply known as "The Old House in Paris". Her students consist of Madeline, Nicole, Chloe, Danielle, Anne, Sylvie, Yvette, Nona, Monique, Lulu, Janine, and Ellie, the twelve little French girls. Voiced by Stevie Vallance.


Miss Clavel has light skin and short, brown, wavy hair. She wears a nun-like attire with a dark blue nun's headdress, a blue dress, a dark blue cape, and black shoes. In previous seasons her nun attire is mostly composed of black compared to later seasons which is blue. At bedtime, she wears a pink nightgown with long sleeves and a pink shower cap.


Miss Clavel is known to be wise, caring, loving, and motherly, especially towards Madeline. She usually teaches the girls various moral lessons to solve their daily conflicts for them to gain better insights in reality. She can be seen teaching the girls science, math, literature, music and arts, sometimes even physical education. In the animated and book series, Ludwig Bemelmans confirmed that she is a teacher not a nun and the Old House is a boarding school not an orphanage, while in the 1998 live-action film she is considered as a nun - she is also addressed as "Sister Clavel" in the Tagalog-language dub of the animated series. It is made obvious that her favorite student is Madeline due to her precociousness and wits.

In the live-action film she is also shown as an old, wise, caring, and still loving and motherly mostly towards Madeline due to being an orphan and being always picked by Vicki. Also in the film she enjoys playing pranks on the buyers of the Old House. Where as she is shown to be quite nervous in the animated series, like when she is fearful of driving a car, she is significantly less so in the film, driving a Citroën 2CV when she is looking for Madeline and Pepito.


It is revealed in Madeline's Winter Vacation that her first name is Clara, in which she has a German or Swiss nephew named Hans (but it is unknown which of his parents is related to her) and an aunt named Hilda (but likewise, it is unknown which of her parents is related to Hilda).

In Madeline's Holiday With Mr. Grump, she has an aunt named Celine who lives near Notre Dame.

Miss Clavel was played by Frances McDormand in the 1998 film.