Mr. and Mrs. Fogg
Madeline's Christmas Family Scene
Madeline with her parents and siblings in Madeline's Christmas
Relatives Madeline Fogg (daughter)
Unnamed children
Status Alive
Deceased (in the film and Madeline: Lost in Paris)
First appearance Madeline (book) (1939; father mentioned)
Last appearance Madeline's Christmas

Mr. and Mrs. Fogg are Madeline Fogg's parents, first mentioned in the original book. Depending on the storyline, they may or may not be deceased.


Mr. Fogg is portrayed to be wearing glasses and has dark hair, while Mrs. Fogg appears to be sharing the same hair colour as her daughter. Very little is known about them, apart from Mr. Fogg giving Madeline a doll house in the original book, and paying a visit to the boarding school in both the Madeline's Christmas book and the special adaptation along with the other parents.

Film portrayal

WARNING: The following information is not considered canon.

Mr. and Mrs. Fogg died of heart cancer prior to the events of the film when Madeline was very little (Madeline is only eight years old now), leaving her orphaned as "a ward of the church", according to Miss Clavel. The alternate backstory was also used in the television special Lost in Paris, with Madeline believing that she has no family. Madeline is the only known orphan in the school. It is unknown what became of her siblings.