"My Frogs and Birds, Bugs and Bats" is a song sung by Pepito in Madeline and the Bad Hat.


Pepito is showing off his menagerie to the girls, who are appalled by his cruelty towards animals.


My frogs and birds, bugs and bats,

Squirrels, hedgehogs and two cats.

These are the animals I keep.

At times I even let them sleep.

I trap them inside my big nets,

Then they become my brand new pets.

The hunting in this neighborhood

Is exceptionally good.

I keep them locked up in my room.

They like the dark; they like the gloom.

And every day at half past three

They get some crumbs and sip some tea.

And once a month they get a bath

in dirty water for a laugh.

Ha ha ha!

And when they want to go outside,

They always get a thriller ride. ¡Olé!

My frogs and birds, bugs and birds,

Squirrels, hedgehogs and two cats.

Bunnies, mice, a quail, a pooch-o.

You name the beast. I want it mucho!