Sugar Dimples
Vital Statistics
Name Sugar Dimples
Gender Female
First Episode Appearance Madeline in Hollywood
Voice Actress  Unknown (1993-1995)

Kathleen Barr (2000)

Sugar Dimples is a supporting character in the Madeline animated series, making her debut in Madeline in Hollywood and later appearing in Madeline and the Haunted Castle. She is a child actress from Hollywood. Sugar is a reference to the 1930s child actress Shirley Temple.


in Madeline in Hollywood, Sugar initially appeared naughty, snobbish and bratty towards other people. It is later revealed that her bratty exterior is because she is lonely and unhappy. Sugar later reformed and befriended Madeline after she teaches her that in order to make a friend she must be a friend. She occasionally joining her and the other girls--and sometimes Pepito--in their adventures both in the United States and France.

She has blonde hair and a pink dress.


  • Whilst Sugar Dimples is based upon Shirley Temple, Temple herself had actually produced a Madeline adaptation in an episode of The Shirley Temple Show.
  • Additionally, among films Temple had appeared in was titled Dimples, like her surname.