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Sylvie is one of the twelve little girls. Her name is derived from the Latin name Silvius, which comes from Silva (forest).



Sylvie is the tallest French girl with long light brown hair and peach skin (which used to be green hair and light skin).


Sylvie is the tallest and bossiest of all the girls, despite her friendly nature.

She tends toward Lawful Good in character alignment, but does have some Lawful Neutral traits.

List of Episodes in which Sylvie speaks

Antagonistic Roles


  • It is revealed in Madeline's Valentine that her favorite treats are sugar cookies, which she also received from Miss Clavel.
  • She and Monique are actually the ones who started the boycotting shenanigans in Madeline on Stage as they are frustrated that they didn't receive the roles they were expecting. Therefore, they can be viewed as "temporary antagonists" of that episode.
  • In Madeline at the North Pole, she is the only one who knows what's written in Madeline's wish list and accidentally discouraged Madeline in making the wishes in her wishlist come true.
  • In Madeline's Valentine, she was the first to--rather spitefully--suggest that Genevieve isn't worthy of their love and care anymore.
  • It was revealed that sugar cookies are her favorite treats, as seen in Madeline's Valentine.
  • She plays the cello in Madeline and the Old Violin, Madeline: Lost in Paris, and Madeline and the Ice Skates.
  • Very much like Madeline in the later seasons, she, too, is insecure about her own height - being very tall, thus, the tallest among her friends, as seen in the episode Madeline and the Giants. Though, she was able to get over her insecurity after feeling proud of being able to help a boy get his kite, which got stuck up in the tree.


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