The Boy Who Cried Wolf is a song from Madeline and the Dog Who Cried Wolf. It is a musical retelling of Aesop's fable The Boy Who Cried Wolf.


A shepherd boy who liked to tease watched his sheep from beneath the trees.

He had a plan, but it was a lie, and with a grin, he let out this cry:

"Wolf! Wolf! I saw a wolf! It's after my poor sheep. Wolf! Wolf! Come and help! I am in trouble deep!"

The rescue squad rushed up the hill, reached the boy, all was calm and still.

"Where is the wolf? We'll scare it away!"

"There is no wolf." said the boy at play.

"Wolf! Wolf! I made it up! Go on back to town."

Wolf! Wolf! A nasty trick! They angrily went down.

The boy then play another joke, cried wolf again for the village folk.

Up they came, and they saw no threat.

"This is a prank we won't forget!"

Wolf! Wolf! That was his call, once more the boy had cried.

Wolf! Wolf! Who would believe him now that he had lied?

A real wolf came, and it growled a growl.

Scared the sheep with its piercing howl.

The boy called out, but nobody came.

They thought his cries were a silly game.

Wolf! Wolf! The sheep ran off! They all were lost for good.

Wolf! Wolf! Without his flock, the boy now understood.

Wolf! Wolf! Don't cry for help unless, of course it's true.

Wolf! Wolf! Don't make up tales!

Then folks will trust in you!