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Eleven Little Girls: and Madeline:

Twelve little girls form two straight lines, leave in the morning: Paris Boarding house at 9:30, The Last in line: is brave, tough and not afraid, the smallest one is Madeline.

The twelve little girls.

The twelve little girls refer to the twelve students under Miss Clavel's care at the Paris boarding school. While they were initially unnamed in the original book series apart from its best-known member, Madeline Fogg, the eleven other girls were given names (and thus individual personalities) in subsequent adaptations.

Madeline is their only Chaotic Good member. Most are Lawful Good (e.g. Sylvie), Lawful Neutral (e.g. Nicole), or Neutral Good (e.g. Danielle).

All of the little girls (from left-right:Anne, Yvette, Ellie, Nicole, Lulu, Sylvie, Nona, Danielle, Janine, Chloe, Monique, and Madeline)



  1. Anne
  2. Chloe
  3. Danielle
  4. Ellie
  5. Janine
  6. Lulu
  7. Madeline
  8. Monique
  9. Nicole
  10. Nona
  11. Sylvie
  12. Yvette





  • The girls seem to be able to teleport and phase through reality somewhat, as exemplified when they scramble around seemingly getting nowhere only to wind up where they wanted to go just a few seconds later during the intro to the song Have You Seen Our Dog? in Madeline's Rescue.