Bianca Strohmann as Vicki
Vicki as portrayed by Bianca Strohmann
Full name Victoria (last name unspecified)
Nickname(s) Vicki
Gender Female
Relatives Unnamed parents
Unnamed uncle
Status Alive
First appearance Madeline (1998)
Portrayed by Bianca Strohmann

Vicki is a student in the Paris boarding school, and one of Madeline Fogg's classmates in the 1998 film.

She is depicted to be very snobbish, bossy and arrogant, but does care for Madeline and cried when Madeline ran away, not knowing that she's been kidnapped. Besides her fashion tastes and mannerisms, it was also mentioned in one scene that her uncle is the British Ambassador to Spain, heavily implying that she came from a rich family. When Madeline comes home, Vicki gives her hat back to her and Madeline hugs her and they become friends.